4 Brooklyn Nets test positive for the Corona virus including Kevin Durant

This national pandemic Corona Virus aka Covid 19 has everyone in a frenzied mental state. A pandemic that has hit the entire world by storm and put everyone and everything at life threatening jeopardy. In a nutshell this Corona Virus aka Covid 19 can infect someone just by simply touching or by being in the same area as a person who has been infected with the Covid 19 virus ultimately putting one in a life threatening situation.

There have been strict instructions from the government on how to deal with this situation and how staying healthy is a very important part of survival. However, Reports have revealed that sevral Athletes in the NBA have contracted the virus even with living healthy lifestyles for the most part and showing absolutely no symptoms that would be attached to the Covid 19 virus. Among some of those that have contracted the virus are NBA super star players like Kevin Durant and 3 other Nets players totaling 4 on that team alone. Also taking to Twitter and talking about his contracting the Covid 19 was Utah Jazz Superstar point guard Donvan Mitchell.

At one point it seemed as if the Covid 19 was over seas but then eventually touched American soil. Still not really taking things serious, because the U.S. is usually on top of these type of things before they get out of control. Instructions on how to avoid catching the Corona Virus have been handed down by medical professionals to do as best as we can in keeping your hands clean, reduce germ transfer as much as possible and mainly resorting to the CDC for the most accurate information on what’s going on when it comes to the development of the virus.

This is a very terrible and nerve racking thing but we strong and we gonna make it! Peep the video for more in depth information.

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