4 Cops fired for murder of George Floyd

Sometimes it’s a disbelief to actually be living in the times that we do. To think we were making progress.

This is just one of the hundreds of brutal murders that we’ve witnessed by police. This one just happened to be in Minnesota. According to reports, George Floyd was placed under arrest for an ALLEGED fraud which is a non-violent crime.

However, as we watch the VIDEO of an officer who MAY have been hiding his face because he knew he was being filmed while having his KNEE literally in Floyd’s neck. Meanwhile, Floyd is telling the officer, for about 5 minutes that he couldn’t breathe. 5 long minutes.. When the paramedics arrived on the scene, they arrived to an unresponsive George Floyd. At first, the officers were put on administrative leave with pay, but with pressure, all 4 of the arresting officers were fired and an apology was placed by the Mayor in regards to the tragedy but the identities of the officerd aren’t disclosed.

The sad part is, this looks all so familiar. We’ve seen it before.. on camera… Eric Garner.. What will it take? Just the other day, Police officers went into a WRONG apartment and shot and killed a sleeping woman and in defense her Husband shot back at the police only to be arrested. For defending his family at a time he shouldn’t have to. His wife was sleeping… Sleeping and shot 8 times.. At the time of me writing this report, the man is still custody. Why? Why is he still in custody?

Look, understand ALL Police officers have a job to do. A very ,very hard one too! Let’s be clear. All Policemen aren’t bad! My question is, what now? How do we “weed out” the bad ones? This is a crazy ,crazy time to where these incidents are happening back to back to back.

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