69 gets his second address leaked found in $2.7 million dollar home

Don’t even think its been a full 24 hrs yet and Tekashi 69 2nd location has been exposed after his 1st location was blown up by a neighbor.

However, this second location was said to be in a gated community in his $2.7 million Mansion in Deer Run,Water Mill, N.Y.. which is about 2hrs out the way. I’ll say this, if people would go to the ritzy area’s in California to “SEE” Pop Smoke, or better yet, If they shot up a video shoot that featured Kanye and Nikki in Beverly Hills because of 69… 69 shouldn’t assume he’s in a safe place. However, how important is it to really for dudes to drive 2 hours away to do something to 69? For what?

Meek Mill has found himself caught up in the middle of this for no real reason. Meek is into things with a cause now , things that are causing change for families but still finds time to address Tekashi 69. Why? I say, if someone feels that strongly, ignore him.. The only way to foil a plan of an attention seeker is to ignore him.

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