Ahmaud Arberys case set to go to trial.

Just when you think it can’t get worse.. It does. Ahmaud Arbery, a black Male was jogging, minding his business but still managed to get shot and killed. Not for anything wrong that Arbery did but more so, as it seems, it was a “profile” made by 2 white males. The 2 white males were a father and son tandum with the father being a former Police officer.

Arbery was ACCUSED by the duo of stealing after allegedly seeing him leave a property that was under construction. Unfortunately, there were alleged break ins being reported in the area that lead the 2 to believe that it was Arbery that had something to do with the past break ins.

There is actual footage of the cold blooded murder caught on video by a friend of the 2 assailants who, at the time thought they were doing the right thing, or so they say. The video surfaced some 2 months after the shooting in scope of being justified. The friend gave the video to the father and he goes to a radio station to make an attempt to reduce the rising racial tensions but it backfired. Even more attention was brought to the incident and eventually leading to the arrest of the 2 men.

Death threats were being brought to the people who recorded the murder who claims they had nothing to do with the shooting. However, there is evidence of the person that actually did the video taping tried to use their car to make an attempt in order to block Amaud from escaping that ultimately lead to his Ahmaud’s demise. The new District Attorney has been replaced to a woman of color and promises that the case will be handled according to the law. An arrest has been made to the operators of the vehicle in the incident.

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