Aretha Franklin documentary finally getting released after 46 years!

R.I.P to the Queen Aretha Franklin! After 46 long years, The Aretha Franklin documentary can finally be released according to reports from There was footage of an Aretha Franklin gospel concert that was shot but abandoned. However, today the Franklin estate and producer Allen Elliot have finally reached an agreement to release the project titled “Amazing Grace”. The entire ordeal has been an on-going process but is starting to come to a fruition as we speak. 

“In recent weeks, Alan presented the film to the family at the African American Museum here, and we absolutely love it,” said Sabrina Owens, the late star’s niece and executor of her estate, in a phone interview from Detroit Sunday. “We can see Alan’s passion for the movie, and we are just as passionate about it. It’s in a very pure environment, very moving and inspirational, and it’s an opportunity for those individuals who had not experienced her in a gospel context to see how diverse her music is. We are so excited to be a part of this.”

The film was supposed to have been released in 2015 in the Telluride and Toronto festivals but was put on halt because lawyers argued that Franklin had the right to deny the likeliness in the movie but Elliot stood firm that he had the rights when he purchased the incomplete film from Warner Bros according to reports.

ARETHA FRANKLIN, 1967, Atlantic Records publicity portrait.

There was a stand off between both Franklin and Elliot camp but eventually came to an agreement with the scope of having Aretha as a partner in the movie. Before all of this, Lions Gate and Concord with had distribution deals on the table. Although there were struggles in getting thing in order, Aretha still stated to the Detroit free press that she “Loved” the movie.

For those that have seen it sitting on the Oscar committee, that have been able to see the film have been calling Elliot with early congratulations already! Elliot is hoping for not just the documentary category but for best film as well.

Film ready for release on these dates: DOC NYC festival Nov. 12 screening at the SVA Theatre.  

Set for a qualifying run at: the Laemmle Monica Nov. 20-27, followed by a week at Manhattan’s Film Forum Dec. 7-14. Official premiere events for L.A