Azriel Klary, R.Kellys girlfriend.. seems “FREE”.. and doesn’t even know it..

21 soon to be 22 year old Azriel Klary, has gone to social media and lashes out at someone that has allegedly taken a screen shot of her and sent it to The Shade Room, where people were seemingly surprised that she even had a phone.

She explains that “she’s always had a phone” and “if she doesn’t want to talk to her parents, she doesn’t have to”! She also was about to say that she is most definitely in love with “R” but then the video is edited and that part is cut out. However, that’s just the early portion of the clip. As the video continues, it takes a twist. The video clip seems to go from a knuckle head girl to a hurt, confused, disappointed, lost but there is this small piece of happiness shining through her… She found something new.. In herself. A very interesting piece.. watch until the end when a man does a split screen on her.. Looks like her dad?

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