Battle Rapper and “Wildin Out ” cast member HIT MAN HOLLA gets arrested

One thing I would never understand is how does minor stuff like this happens to people that are in the public eye. One would think that things would be set up differently as MTV’s hit show “Wildin Out” cast member Hitman Holla gets pulled over and arrested for driving in a stolen car. Also in the car were two other men and one of the two being Hitmans manager.

Throughout the stop, the manager seems to have gotten a bit frustrated telling the officer that “there were no warrants for Hittmans arrest and they had all been cleared up and the warrants were only tickets”.

Here’s the thing, there probably wouldn’t be an arrest if the tickets were cleared up. The other thing is that the vehicle was stolen. Somebody forgot to check if the car was legal. All I’m saying is, you wouldn’t care if they followed me especially if I’m legal.

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