Cosby's legal team making moves to try and get him out... #Already

Bill Cosby’s Lawyers motioning to get him out already… #nogames

It’s only been 2 weeks and Bill Cosby, who was accused and found guilty on rape charges. The crazy thing about this case it basically derived from some 30- 40 years ago… Anyway, about two weeks ago September 25th, 2018 Cosby was given a 3-10 year sentence on those charges but his lawyers aren’t sitting still on it. According to reports from  Page Six, Cosby’s legal team are motioning for an overturn and or at the very least a modification of the sentence.

Pic of the victim.

Reason being that the Judge (Judge Steven O’Neil) that had the case initially in 2017 after the mis-trial, shouldn’t have had the case in front of him AGAIN to begin with among other mistakes that were alleged made during the trial. According to the reports, it’s said that Judge O’Neil should’ve recused himself from the case. Go to Page Six for more on this story