Champion Boxer Floyd Mayweather has surprising interview.

Undefeated boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather has a “sit down” with the Hollywood Unlocked what looks to be on one of Floyds private planes as he mentioned in the actual interview. However, the interview was more on the surprising side because of some of the attitude that Floyd Mayweather had early out in his career. If You can imagine a man that has gone from having “nothing” to having anything he would want and could want at his fingertips including women. Now, we don’t know if he is well trained with a PR (Public relations) person but it does seem to look genuine in his reply even when it comes to speaking about this daughter YaYa who is currently pregnant by rapper NBA YOUNG BOY who

Boxing Champion Floyd Mayweather

unfortunately has had bad situations transpire between him and the ladies he’s been reportedly seeing. From domestic violence charges to even as far as assaults and potential jail time for the women that he’s made fight each other among other things but his reply to the question was very Father like to say the least. Kudos to Floyd Weather, learning has taken place!

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