Charlamaign da God may be leaving the Breakfast Club?

A shocking piece of news this is. During an interview on the infamous Breakfast Club with Joe Budden and his crew that were guests on the platform, but the topic of renewal of contracts in their respected fields came about and the question was posed by Joe Budden to CTG if he had renewed and CTG answered “no”.

There has been some sort of friction that transpired between he and Angela Yee behind a Gucci Mane interview. Or it could’ve been other stuff before that who really knows. What we so know via the interview CTG hasn’t renegotiated his contract with the Breakfast Club as of yet.

We all know that if and when CTG leaves that platform, the Breakfast Club will just not be the same. Hate him or love him CTG is certainly a staple in the hip hop culture hands down. There

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