Dame Dash Awarded in Court vs Jay Z and much more

As of late, 1/3rd owner and former Roca-Fella record label executive Dame Dash has WON a Court Law Suit against his former partner and mogul the one and only Jay Z. The suit came about when it was said that Dame Dash, former CEO of the once gargantuan record label Roca-Fella records wanted to utilize his portion of the business venture to purchase what they call NFT. According to wikipedia, NFT is a unit of data thats stored on what is called a “Blockchain”, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and not interchangeable.

Dame was trying to use his portion of Jay Z’s Reasonable Doubt album as an NFT but Jay tried to put a stop to it but it didn’t work in his favor. According to reports, Jay Z had a seperate company called S.Carter Enterprises LLC that were transfering streaming rights directly to that company without the knowlegde of Dame Dash which essentially was one of the angles in this case that lead to his victory. Peep the vid and Listen to Jordan Tower get more in depth.

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