Dame Dash has apologized to … People.

I don’t know what’s going on. Hell has clearly frozen over. But successful business man and mogul Dame Dash who is know for his snide and very opinionated remarks when it comes business n general but a very smart individual overall. However, Dame Dash is know for his involvement in Rocafella Records and the rise of. However, he’s mainly known for his “Culture Vulture” rant against Lyhor Cohen a music business executive.

As of recent, for some reason, Dame Dash took to social media and made a public apology to Jay-Z, Lyhor Cohen among others for his past statements and anger toward them. We don’t necessarily know where it came from or why he did it. What we do know is that, for a person like Dame that was a huge step for him. Now lets just see how the people he apologized to accept it.. If they do.. or.. even if they care