Floyd Mayweathers trainer Roger Mayweather passes away

This year has started out on a bad foot for us all and some worse than others. Unfortunately, we are sad to report that legendary boxing trainer Roger Mayweather has passed on. This is the second close to comfort passing that Floyd Mayweather has had in his life recently losing his child’s mother.

The reasons as to what caused Roger Mayweather’s demise are still unclear at this point however, Roger Mayweather has been know to kind of randomly wander off and this is a condition that Floyd Mayweather has blamed on Roger’s Boxing past that has potentially caught up with him. Again,the actual reasons are still not clear. Roger Mayweather has fought with Rudy Czar Chavez and Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini among a few others and he also help championship belts 87-89 in 2 different weight classes. Another legend gone to soon. For in depth with the story peep the video by Hip Hop News Uncensored.

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