Former 69 affiliate “Shotti” tells Judge that “It’s TRE WAY”!!.. while in court?

Here we go. According to reports, Shottie (the former manager/affiliate of famed rapper Tekashi 69) and all of the others caught up in the indictment appeared in court today along with 69. For some reason, Shotti felt compelled to tell the Judge that “We don’t bend and WE don’t fold, It’s TRE WAY” ! Listen, I’m not a Lawyer but I don’t really understand how that’s gonna help him in court. Was that fear coming out?  Was that a way to instill some sort of fear in 69? Or to remind 69 to not snitch! I don’t really know 69’s sitting position while they were in court. I don’t know if 69 even heard the slur but, I do know that  couldn’t have possibly help their situation… I could be wrong… but I doubt it.peep da vid: