Ghislaine Maxwell Former associate of Jeffery Epstein arrested

Ghislaine Maxwell who is or was a former girlfriend/ associate and accused accomplice in the Jeffery Epstein sex trafficking case. Just about a year ago, Epstein was brought up on child trafficking charges that had him facing major time until he took his own life while incarcerated.

However, there is an alleged accomplice that was involved in the entire scandal and her name is Ghislaine Maxwell. Maxwell is currently placed under Federal arrest and is being charged with 6 counts of criminal activity that include enticement and conspiracy to entice minors, transportation and conspiracy to transport minors to commit sexual acts and 2 counts of perjury. These charges are stemming from 1994 -1997.

Also according to the Federal indictment, Maxwell enticed the minors by bringing them to the movies shopping sprees in order to have them partake in the scandals as well as Maxwell participating in them on occasion.
Maxwell was arrested at a posh establishment in a low key rural area of New Hampshire. The thing is there are a few twists in the legal aspect. However, if convicted, Maxwell faces up to 35 years of convicted on serious charges. For more in-depth info:

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