Former Federal inmate opens state of the art Podcast Studio in the Bronx

I believe that some of our best entrepreneurs are unfortunately behind bars for whatever reason. However, what’s important is what one would do after the lesson.
This is where we begin to speak on Mr. Lucas “Blaze” Alvarez. A Bronx native, who spent close to 10 years behind bars in Federal Prison for his involvement in a major heroin drug ring. With that said, this is where the life lessons are heeded and resilience is everything.

Since his release, Alvarez has gotten right into character by putting his past in the past and applying his street savvy mind into a business savvy, semi-corporate mode.
With credits to the “good” before his incarceration and having forged sturdy relationships with music industry “heavy hitters” heavily contributes to his vision and current position in the industry.
Alvarez says “Simply by acknowledging a void, filling the void and targeting the market,“ Blaze has opened a State of the art multimedia creation studio. The space allows “creators“ to do virtually anything when it comes to podcasting and having a great time while doing it.
Boasting round the clock scheduling, arial camera views, clear state of the art background settings, plush leather seating and couches, full eq-boards, flat screen monitors and a carefully selected State of the art cameras. Which makes this place the spot to be!

Blaze on Escapingtheodds Podcast

Press play and listen as Lucas Alvarez as he breaks down his point of view of the infamous “360 record deal” on the @escapingtheodds Podcast.
For further inquiries about the establishment please contact @BLAZE_GETLIKEME and don’t forget to use the @HMNYC1 for your pricing!

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