Good ol’ Good Time Muzik with Good time Quanus

Alabama born but raised in Fort Lauderdale, FL “Good Time Quanus” is set to release his debut single titled “HOLDS NO SOUL”. Quanus brings that good ol’ Southern hospitality vibe with a concious nostalgic feel to it.

Quanus is no stranger to the music scene. He has always been an independent artist, songwriter and music consultant but still has managed to collaborate side by side with acclaimed music producers, DJ’s and other writers.

His first single titled “Honey Child” featured artists Mr.Showboat and Scruface (of the Icons) and debut on B.E.Ts late night underground hit show B.E.T. UNCUT in 2012. Since then, Quanus has stuck to his roots and been an active member in his community founding the World inside of a World movement, co-founder of StankkNazztee productions and a founding member of the EBC (Electric Church Broadcast) .

Back at it again, Quanus is set to release his “Holds No Soul” single come May 8th 2020. The record opens up with Quanus allowing the production to “breath” and then he smoothly applies his lyrics to complete the vibe. #Press Play

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