Harvey Weinstein tests positive for Corona Virus

Mega movie producer , Osxar winner but now convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein has said to have tested positive for the Corona Virus. Weinstein is currently being held in isolation at the Wendi correctional facility in Alden, NY just under Buffalo N.Y..

Weinstein went from winning an Oscar for his film Shakespeare to now serving a 23 year prison term for sexual assault of 2 women. Reports from the Niagra Gazette also say that he was transferred from Rikers Island to Wendi Correctional that serves as a transit for inmates where they undergo medical and physical assessment just before being put into population.

His COVID-19 was recognized going thru the process. He is 1 of 2 cases that has been reported for COVID-19 in Wendi Correctional. However, there are also reports of sevral correction officers that have also tested positive for the COVID-19 infection. Due to HIPAA laws , not to much information can be spoken about. However, there are 3 corrections officers that have tested positive for the virus and about 58 other officers are being monitored from Hudson correctional and another 28 at Green Maximum correctional facility.

Currently the facilities have stopped all visits in and out of the facilities until things get under control. For more on this story go to


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