R.I.P Nipsey Hustle

If you can’t do good.. then what do you do?#gone2soon #ripnipsey

Respected West coast rapper, activist, father and friend to many rapper Nippsey Hustle was gunned down and shot 6 times according to reports. A very unfortunate and surprising incident to say the least. Nippsey Hustle will always be known to the masses as a well rounded and highly business savvy individual. He was an open Crip gang member but on the contrary to what that you would normally think when it comes to “gang life”, he actually made change. He actually made money and put it right back into his neighborhood. He created jobs, brought awareness, invested his time as a father, brother and a friend and the epitome of good people. and was in the process also in the process of making the movie about Dr. Sebie, who was a doctor that had many breakthrough but was mostly recognized for finding the cure for HIV but he to has also passed.

Nipsey had a no excuses attitude when it came to his black people and his neighborhood. What he’s done in his short lived life was amazing! However, what now? what dos one do? Can there be someone successful and not get killed for it? When did we become so prone to KILLING our own people that are I position to LEAD? To nurture us mentally, to open more doors and ideas.. The best we could do in repayment is… Kill them.. ok.. Point taken. If someone can do all of what that man did and somebody can still kill him.. Says a lot.. Survived by his wonderful wife Lauren London and 2 children.. We lost a GREAT one… We are losing people.. We are losing..

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