JAY-Z EXPOSED! Girl claims that Jay Z is her father

Let’s keep it 100, Jay Z is a rock star, a legend, a leader and has his foot on the gas ever since he started rapping and turned things into his business leading him to Billionaire status. So, leading with that type of life “things” happen! However, this situation is alleged PRIOR to his “blow up”

As of recent, allegations of mogul Jay Z being the biological father for a young lady by the name of Latisha Mercer. Recently she has FINALLY broken her silence on KNOWING who her biological dad is. Story has it, when Jay Z was in his “hay day” going from state to state, he had a relationship with Latishas mom. Where the story gets interesting is the fact that THERE ARE RECEIPTS in this matter and Latishas mom was actually in a relationship with another person at the time. Actually in relationship with the man that raised Latisha.

Currently, Latishas mom, Lisa has MS (multiple sclerosis). There has been a verbal attack on Latisha from Jay- Zs following alleging of Latisha in seek of a “pay day”.

This story is very interesting because from the looks of it, it seems real, the story seems authentic and the girl actually has a resemblance to the Mogul himself. However, peep the video for more IN DEPTH info.

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