Kenny Walker (Boyfriend of Breonna Taylor) is being sued by one of the officers that

You can’t make this stuff up! This is a real bold and crazy move on whomever is responsible. Kenny Walker, who is the “G” and boyfriend that tried to protect our beloved sister and his girlfriend Breonna Taylor in an incorrect and illegal break in to an apartment by law enforcement. The end result was Breonna Taylor being shot 8 times while she was sleeping. A shot was sent into the floor by Walker, as a warning shot, in attempt to startle the “intruders” … or Police.. Walkers brave efforts to protect his home were to no avail.

BREONNA TAYLOR ..for nothing

Not done yet though. The case went to court and the officers were basically let go. something that we’ve unfortunately seen before! So were kind of unfortunately used to it! How about that’s not the end. How about one of the officers involved in the execution of Breonna Taylor is suing Kenny Walker! The boyfriend of Breonna Taylor. Don’t flip just yet! Wait until you listen to Youtuber Jack Frost ( BROOKLYN) from the YOUTUBE channel THE BBN NETWORK break it down for you.

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