La Pana! Sink in Ya Back!

Say hello to “La Pana” with her new single titled “Sink in Ya Bak” which is a “call to action” high energy, Calypso record that once it comes on in the club you can envision all the women following the instructions given in the song and all the men doing their diligence in response!

Although La Pana’s family is from Jamaica and Barbados she was born and raised in Panama. Trinidad has always had a heavy music influence on Panama due to the building of the Panama canal. However, influential credits also go to other West Indian islands like Haiti, Barbados and Jamaica just to name a few. She tapped into her singing ability at an early age but really took it seriously after joining the Army. She began writing and singing gospel songs all while being stationed in Hawaii.

La Pana’s soca venture began when her and her best friend heard the “Mottos Old Ting riddim”and she provoked the thought on creating the record Sink in Ya Back but unfortunately, La Pana’s best friend was killed in May of 2019. The tragedy has taken its toll — but in a good way— to making her push even harder.

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