Legendary rapper Fabulous indicted on charges from Emily B incident

Some time ago there was video footage of Legendary rapper Fabulous that surfaced of him getting into a domestic dispute with his long time girlfriend/wife and childs mother Emily B. The video displayed Fab in an uproar and going back and forth withEmily B and Emily B’s father who was in defense of his daughter at the time and it also showed Fab sending threats at the father as well. Pictures also reflected an abused/injured Emily B the mother of Fabulous children. Charges were pressed but! Emily B eventually went back to Fab and what seems to be like things have calmed between the 2. However, being that charges were pressed the  “State” may have picked up the charges. With so much going on with “ME TOO” movement and athletes, entertainers also getting into similar situations these things aren’t taken lightly anymore. Reports says he faces up to 20 years in prison. All details aren’t up yet but we’ll be watching. PEEP the vid for a briefing by: JTNEWS