Licensing troubles for streaming services when FAKE BEYONCE MUSIC released!

According to reports from There were 2 albums released by Beyonce under a secret name but it turns out that the 2 albums were filled with demos and old music put together and released. However, with further investigation, it turns out that the albums were NOT released and weren’t even condoned to be released. The bandulu projects were titled “QUEEN CARTER” and lasted about a day before being taken down off of Spotify and Apple streaming platforms. If that sounds crazy how about

RnB star SZA also said to have released an project under a fake name “Sister SOLANA” that also turns out to be FAKE stolen demos as well. The alleged projects were distributed via an indie distribution company named SOUND DROP and claims it is currently cooperating with authorities during the investigation for potential “intellectual property theft” according to reports.

Sound Drops brand manager Zach “Pony” Domer has said that they’ve indentified who the person is and how they abused the system to get the stolen demos through but still can’t give any more information for the sake of the investigation.. For more in depth on this story go to: