Lil Boosie and Snoop Dogg go off on Oprah and Gayle King.

As it stands, Oprah and Gayle King of been put under fire for a lot of their “best thinking” as of late. Aas if Oprah going after Russell Simmons, Michael Jackson and a relationship gone sour with comedian Monique. Now Gayle King, Oprah’s best freind and TV show host has a sit down with WNBA legend Lisa Leslie to ask her about the Laker legend Kobe Bryant that has recently passed due to a helicopter crash. However, the questions asked about Kobe seemed in appropriate and complete unnecessary about alleged sexual allegations that were brought up against Kobe but later dismissed because the accuser in the case didn’t want to testify any future.

Needless to say Leslie handled herself very well in answering the questions about Kobe and his legacy, but that isn’t the end! Lol. Our guys lil Boosie and living legend Snoop Dogg chimed in with their 2 cents on the interview between King and Leslie.

Boosie came in with choice words that were funny but true because we know Boosie is passionate and honest as he can be about his statements. Snoop Dogg on the other hand had his “choice words” for Gayle King as well but they didn’t come across as calculated as Boosies did by calling her out of her name.

Everyone makes mistakes, even Snoop. Gayle King ,Oprah are all human and have been leaders or people of color who have set standards and have done amazing things for people. However, this particular situation and sevral others as of recent have been questionable. Very questionable, but has Snoop gone to far? Peep the vid for more in depth.

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