Lori Harvey gets robbed in parking lot in Atlanta. .

Lori Harvey, step daughter of famed comedian Steve Harvey, was almost robbed in a parking garage in an Atlanta complex on her return from a Whole Foods store.

According to reports, Lori caught the thug as he tried to get in her driver seat of the 2020 Bently truck and drive off. She made an attempt to get the guy out of her car but he pushed her off. In the midst of it all, she remembers she had the car fob in her pocket and by simply walking away makes it impossible to take the vehicle.

But an accomplice SUV pulls up and grabs a red duffle bag and a limited edition Loui Vutton bag at an estimated worth of $10k out of the back of the Bently truck and drives off. The doors were left open because Harvey calmly walked away from the truck before she potentially could’ve gotten hurt.

Lori Harvey and Future

As of late, Lori has been getting into her share of issues. From being alleged dealing with P.Diddy after she was alleged in some sort of relationship with his son. Then she was recently involved in a vehicle hit and run incident and now this. All while dealing with all of the media attention and pressures from dealing with recording artist Future.

Let’s just hope that she stays safe and things start to turn for the better for her.

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