Megan Markle kicking up dust already in the Palace

Megan Markle the first African American woman married into the royal family, is already kicking up some dust about her and Husband Prince Harry having a hypno-birthing of their first child together. Reports from AOL.COM  and revealed that Megan Markle is determined to have their first child together with no drugs and anesthesia for pain control, but instead would rather use breathing and hypnosis techniques in order to deliver the baby. 

Megan has been taking secret lessons in a yoga spot in London and even Prince Harry himself has obliged a visit to the facility just get familiar with the process. However, due to the protocol of the royal family, things aren’t done in such a manner but, Megan is adamant about doing things her way when it comes to giving birth to her first child.   

If that’s not enough, Megan also wants her mom to be there… Like there there. Like Move Megans mom in the palace with her own set up and space to have to help out the baby! They want to move mom in!  Again, this is a move that the Palace doesn’t really agree with when it comes to letting “outsiders” in the Palace. Not only that, it puts Prince Harry in a very tight spot! But it doesn’t look like Megan is backing down from her decision either. Poor Harry. lol. For more in depth on this story go to :