Mr. “Never bend never fold” Tra Way Shotti has allegedly bended and folded

As we all know (if you follow entertainment) Tekashi 69 and the TreWay gang was brought down under Federal Indictments. Since then, Tre Way Shotti coined a phrase “We never bend we never fold”. This Phrase in reference to not Snitching due to the circumstances and charges were brought up against the alleged criminal organization.

As it stands right now, allegedly, not only has Shotti been snitching but it’s also said that he’s been snitching before Tekashi 69! This information has been confirmed by one of the people in the indictment Fu Banga via phone call from Federal Prison to Jack Frost from the BBN Network on Youtube. He’s actually the platform that has been following the case step by step. So after watching Jordan Tower excerpt you can to BBN Network and get the case from the beginning with PAPER WORK!