Nikki Minaj announces her retirement

After 15 years at being basically the #1 female rapper in the rap game, Nikki Minaj has finally called it quits. The thing is, she announces it when her “partner ” was seen with a gun in his pocket while Nikki was on a “live”. Unfortunately for her, it wasn’t seconds before the screen shots went viral. However, some speculate that it may have been time for her to step down, maybe it’s ti.e for her to start the family that she’s been alluding to as of late. The only thing is, the dude that we THINK she’s going to start a family with, is a registered sex offender and a violent felon. We can’t tell anyone who to love and unfortunately we’ve seen things like this in the black comā“11from the rap game but all we can do is wish her the best .. Do you think she’s really leaving though?

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