Nikki Minaj secretly pulls up to 69’s house for video shoot

Since Tekashi 69 has been home it’s been non-stop with him. He held an IG LIVE RECORD 2million views until recently that a a television icon from the country Turkey recently beat that record with a 3 million viewers IG live.

Anyway, since the release of 69’s first video since his release Goober he told his fans claimed that he he actually had a feature on his second single! Who would have the ordasity to do such a thing especially knowing the bad wrap that 69 has pinned to his coat tail? It can ONLY be an artist with some sort of leverage or weight in the game. Welp, according to reports, it was Nikki Minaj that was supposed to be the surprise feature on his up coming single due to release on May 29th. Peep the video for more detailed info on this story and much more !

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