There is SunShine… then there is NITESHINE…

Coming straight from Piscataway, NJ, NITESHINE has been doing his thug-dizzle on stage, in the studio, radio interviews traveling states to state for his performances and is putting in serious work to be seen and heard.. Here is the thing, his type of work ethic usually comes from artist that KNOW that they have to work that much harder because they know that they’re not that hot.. Sorry! but it’s  true.. However, not only does NITESHINE grind.. but the boy is FIRREEE!!

NITESHINE has this way with his content.. Like, his subject matter is the “in-between”.. Like, things that we know about but kind of never notice it because it’s like an “everyday” for some, but for others, they’ll at least know about what he talking about even if you haven’t experienced it.

He’s melodic, lyrical,energetic and the best part is that his vocal sounds like.. him.. and thats it.. NiteShine is currently on his 3rd project “TITLES RUIN THINGS” (video featured at the top of HMNYC)


Quick Bio:

NiteShine is based out of the city of Piscataway, NJ. He has been making a lot of noise since the start of his career as an artist. This talent has developed his own unique sound that has allowed him to stand out from the rest. He has worked with a number of artists both locally based and up & coming artist from around the nation. He’s is mostly known for his 2014 catchy hip hop track, Gary Coleman, which featured (Lets Roll Records labelmate), “Foe Hun’ed. Within this past year NiteShine has blessed his fans with the release of his first two solo projects, ‘Fame… Is Fa-‘Me‘ (May 2016) & ’13’ (November 2016). NS has now released his third solo project, entitled Titles Ruin Things‘, which was released late last summer of 2017.

NiteShine will be performing at this years 2018 SXSW on March 14th


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