P.Diddy announces the return of Making the band

A never stopping, never quitting business mogul P.Diddy takes to twitter one early morning (or what seemed to him just waking up) announcing the return of his MTV hit series called MAKING THE BAND. This where Diddy travled the nation In search of the “next big thing”. In return he founded O Town and Platinum selling girl group Danity Kane.

Making the Bands original season had a historical moment in hip-hop culture where he sent the contestants from Manhattan over Brooklyn Bridge, in the middle of the night, to Juniors Cheesecake just to get HIM some cheese cake. That was only to see how bad the artists wanted to be there! However, it seems this time he’s going a bit deeper and calling it the MAKING THE BAND INTERNATIONAL. Where he will be in search of the next big act no matter what your nationality or race is!

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