PODCAST BATTLES as JOE BuDDEn leaves Spotify / Joe Rogan may replace him?

According to reports former rapper turned super Star Podcaster Joe Budden says he will be leaving Spotify after his 2 year stint under the Spotify umbrella. Joe Budden has also made claims against Spotify saying that his value wasn’t appreciated and that he felt used. With potential of going to iTunes like his counter parts Drake or Nikki Minaj.

However, being that this a complete numbers game, Buddens numbers haven’t reflected what was to be expected when it comes to his Podcast or a Podcast that is being backed by a company like Spotify. According to reports, he left Spotify because he felt under valued and used. The ball is currently in Joe Budden’s court with some options available to him, but, just because they’re options doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re all good. Peep the video for more in depth info. on where he might go!

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