ALBERT “PREZI COKE” MORE can very easily be named one of the top rappers/MC’s coming out of the Bronx right now.. Easily tho.. like.. Don’t argue.

Starting out living at the HIGH BRIDGE area of the Bronx and then eventually relocating to the Northern part of the Bronx (Boston Post rd/233rd/ White plains rd ) where he was raised and he refers to heavily in his music. Anyway, Here’s the thing.. He’s not your average type of artist. A COMPLETE package in PREZI COKE in terms of artistry and that’s just to say the least.

Currently PREZI COKE is in the midst of recording his break out project “A BRONX TALE” produced by OBANGA (see OBANGA’s) who is arguably the BEST PRODUCER IN THE BX.  IF ANY OTHER EXSIST they haven’t showed themselves yet. IJS. 

Prezi Coke is inspired by Jay-Z, Biggie Smalls and Tupac. With elements of each said artist wrapped up into one with his own swag  PREZI COKE  is developing into a MEGA STAR right before our eyes.. Just remember where you heard it first.. #itoldyouso #hoodmediaNYC #prezicoke #bxerrthng #NY #WORLDWIDE