R.Kelly finally under criminal investigation!

As we all know that LIFETIME put out a docu-series titled “Surviving R.Kelly” that ultimately put the multi-platinum record selling artist on blast. A panel of women have come forth and expressed terrible stories in which R.Kelly is a sexual predator for under aged girls and getting away with it! Unfortunately, this is a trending topic and unfortunately us as the black community have let this carry on for years.

With these women speaking out and bringing light to this situation IN DEPTH, should bring us closer together as a society, mentors and most importantly as parents. This is a sad situation that needs to be assessed. Charges need to be filed and PEOPLE should be held accountable for their actions.

We really didn’t want to cover any part of the R.Kelly situation because it gives him more light for some reason. However, now that a criminal investigation is underway, we are hoping to at the very least that R.Kelly is not only held responsible for his actions but to also get help for his madness. Also the parents and people who enabled him to carry these actions out for over a decade.