Rap artist Pop Smoke dead at 20

Never going to understand it. We’ve come so far in music. Or so we thought. Jealousy and envy is at an all time high, not to mention the “NO SNITCHING” policy that in a lot of ways puts our young ones at risk, our future at risk.

20 year old, up and coming rapper, Pop Smoke was killed during a home invasion in his newly found residence in Hollywood Hills California according to TMZ reports. Currently, there aren’t any suspects nor have any arrests been made in accordance to the incident. However, what we do know is, that it all needs to stop. 2020 hasn’t started off on the right foot at all.

There is no more blaming “White People” because these are self inflicted wounds on Pop Smoke’s family and loved ones but overall self inflicted wounds on us as a people. Who wants to be famous? Smfh

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