Rapper Bhad Bhabie says she’s calling it quits from rapping

Rapper Bhad Bhabie, initially known for her Dr. Phil appearance where she was being very disrespectful to her mother and coined the phrase “Cash me outside” and from that point was identified as the “Cash me outside girl”. However, some way, some how, Atlantic Records found a way and turned her into a female rap star! All of a sudden, she was a rap star at 16! Here’s the thing: She wasn’t whack! They knew what they were doing with her!

She went as far as to be #3 of top female rappers on the charts, but now it seems that aka Bhad Bhabie wants out of the rap game because she feels there is a lack of support because she’s WHITE?! How does that work? With statistics saying that %70 of consumer buying rap music is WHITE.

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