Rapper Casanova Indicted on Federal Charges

According to reports, The Brooklyn gangster rapper “Caswell Senior” a.k.a. Casanova has been Indicted on Federal charges in the Southern District of New York. The charges currently stem from Racketeering to Fraud even to an alleged Murder of a 16 year old minor according to the indictment. The name of the organized street gang is called “The Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation” and the rappers affiliation with the gang currently has him being charged with Conspiracy to Racketeering that carry a Life term sentence. Conspiracy to distribute controlled substances that carries a minimum of 10 years and Possession of a Firearm in Furtherance of a drug Trafficking crime that carries a minimum of 5 years in Prison.

Heres the thing with this: Allegedly, the Feds run a little different when it comes to Law. Federal law goes back into your past criminal history and then tacks on on top what your current charges will be. So seeing as how Casanova has had a criminal past, its going to be interesting to see how this turns out in the end. Peep the video from @itsagtv more in depth info

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