Rapper Daz Dillinger indicted facing 25 years

California based rapper Daz Dillinger has been arrested in Georgia for 127 grams of marijuana, THC oils and other drug paraphernalia. There were a total of 13 initial charges and Dillinger has only been indicted on 2 of them. Unfortunately, The state of Georgia carries a hefty sentencing when it comes to Drugs and drug possession.

There is also a passage on Cyntoia Brown, who was tried and convicted on murder charges at the age of 16 and she was sentenced to life in prison. Brown was involved in a sex trafficking scandal gone bad. She was convicted on shooting and killing her sexual assailant even though it was in self defense and ultimately was sentenced to Life in prison. However, since the story got out several celebrities have spoke up about the issue including mega star Kim Kardashian and as a result Cyntoia Brown has received clemency and is set to be released com Aug 7th, of 2019! Peep the vid for more in-depth