Rapper FUTURE’s bodyguard gets knocked out

BREAKING NEWS: The Rapper FUTURE and his bodyguard were at a UK airport when the bodyguard was attacked from behind and knocked out cold causing him to fall flat on his face. To make things worse, another person came and stomped on the bodyguards head while on the floor.

Footage also shows Future continuing to walk as if he knew nothing or saw nothing. Was he wrong? Rapper ASAP Rockey is currently locked up for the same situation, in a different country! How safe is it to now travel over seas being an artist? Why is it what seems to be black rap artist being attacked? Where are they getting this agenda from? Well here’s some help. They probably got it from us. This is the stuff that we do in our community to our own entertainers so they just adopted the life style as they did with hip-hop and so here we go. And get nothing out of it.. We need to change this perspective ASAP. #hoodmediaNYC

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