Rapper G Herbo gets indicted on Federal charges

Rapper G Herbo, a Chicago rapper, has been picked up by the Feds for allegedly defrauding the government. He has been indicted on a fraud scheme or it is alleged that the investigation has him purchasing expensive private plane rides, “designer puppies” among other luxuries that one would think came from his fame and music but in all reality, it didn’t . Allegedly. However, At this point and time, it is a 14 count Federal indictment that was launched from about 4 years ago accumulated to $1.5 million. The G Herbo team are all currently being charged with conspiracy charges.

Fortunately, the charges aren’t as severe as a violent crime but going through the headaches of processing and even a post release. At the same time, if you do the time … You know the rest. Peep the video with @itsmrteliafero.

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