Rapper Mo3 gets shot and killed on highway in Texas

Rapper Mo3 was fatally shot on highway I-93 in Texas. The suspects of the fatal shooting are unknown at the moment. Unfortunately, this story goes a little deeper than just a shooting. At the time of this report being written, another artist has been killed and 2 others have been shot.. This is in a 1 week span. That says a lot because I didn’t have time to write about this story before another 3 – 4 incidents happened to compile on top of this tragedy. You would think that with all that we have going on that things will get better, especially going through a 2020 summer where BABIES were being killed in drive shootings, Funerals were getting shot up among other things. Just have to pose a question: What type of disdain do we have for OUR OWN people. So, now we shoot people in the middle of the day on the PUBLIC highway. These are unfortunate events that continue to occur. What exactly will it take it to stop? How do we play a part in making these things stop? Who and what do we tap into in order to get some sort of KUFF going on with the crap? Do we ignore it?

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