Shakira & Jennifer Lopez locked in to perform for Super Bowl

Jennifer Lopez on fire! then again, she’s always on fire. With her new movie dropping titled “HUSTLERS” that featured rap mega star Cardi B, made some $33+million opening weekend. So to follow up, its been confirmed by her and the NFL that she and legendary Columbian singer Shakira will be doing the NFL half time show come Feb 2, 2020.

There is a bunch of speculation due to Jay Z’s recent and unexpected announcement that he teamed up with the NFL to basically continue from where Colin Kaepernick left off with the “Police Brutality” awareness movement. Some people tend to understand Jay Z’s interest and direction while others just don’t seem to get it because at on point, Jay announced a boycott to the NFL for the firing of Kaepernick among other things and now you make a deal? Ofcourse, what do you do.. Be angry at the NFL? Or do you find a common ground and try and work towards other things?

On the more positive side. Having 2 Latinos, and Females latinos at that to immediately send several messages all at once but the real hype is how do you brand awareness in one of the most important half time shows in sports? I’ll say this, Jay Z has done enough people and has been great in his decision making when it comes to stuff like this. There is no reason to doubt what he has going on over here.

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