#SWIPEITFORWARD! As it is now LEGAL to swipe people on NYC trains with your METRO CARD

Seems like this law/rule or whatever you would like to call it has actually been in effect since 2017 but really hasn’t been broadcasted the way it needed to be or NEEDS to be. So we will assist with this information and give it a bit more attention.

pic submitted by @papernclips365

Since March 2017, this rule has been in effect. There were price hikes in transit that took place where a monthly card would cost $121.00 and the weekly jumped to $32 for the week (unlimited cards). With so many fair hikes, it effected the poor, the young and immigrant people of color trying to find work and a bunch of other reasons. But more so that it saves a ton of money. It costs roughly $1,750 to arrest someone in 2015 (can imagine it costs more now in 2018) and at that time, in 2015, over 29k people were arrested costing tax payers around or about $51.million dollars to house, when in fact, it would’ve saved about $10 million just writing the tickets instead. This could be taken as a slight step into the direction of judicial reform, however, it is still ILLEGAL to jump turn styles and one cannot CHARGE a person for a swipe.

You can find out more in detail here: DNA.INFO