T.I. removes Kodak Black from Trap Music museum .

T.I. takes Kodak Black completely out of Trap Museum

Since the tragic murder of Nipsey Hustle (R.I.P) there has been a lot going on. One thing that stands out is the seemingly “shot” taken at Nipsey Hustles’s widow, Lauren London by none other than south rapper Kodak Black. Just hours after Nipseys his death, Kodak Black takes to his SM and expresses to Lauren London that she can come talk to him anytime and a bunch of other things that weren’t appropriate especially at that time. Nip hasn’t even been buried yet.

Quickly after that T.I. catches wind of the remarks and sends his message to Kodak telling him that he) was “out of pocket” and Kodak needed to correct himself. Which lead to a bunch of other rappers, The Game included, ganging up on Kodak with the same message. Kodak eventually went back to SM and gave a lack luster apology that wasn’t believable. Which eventually lead to his interview on BIG BOY to be canceled and also lead up to T.I. removing Kodak from the Trap Museum that T.I. recently opened in Atlanta that pays homage to Trap music. Peep the video for more info

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