The C.I. in Takashi 69 revealed. Was Tra Way going down anyway?

Since the start of the Tekashi 69 trial, it’s been nothing but craziness going on. Tekashi 69, a self proclaimed “gangster” that turned states on the gang he was in or supposed to be a part of. For this passed week, 69 has mentioned everyone that he could think of in full corporation with the FEDS.

However, as the case continues, more information has surfaced and according to reports, the confidential informant in this case is named CEO CHRIS. CEO Chris was arrested in a sting operation set up by the feds called OPERATION HARDBALL. CEO Chris struck a deal and was planted as a CI to help bring the Tre Way gang down.

Wire taps were worn by Chris and other wire taps were planted on phone calls and in vehicles revealed the dysfunctional system within the gang and a bunch of ego’s and sour relationships. Another person alegedlly cooperating is the driver that drove them around. He was once arrested by ICE and was on the verge of deportation but struck a deal with the FEDS to help bring them down with audio and video wire tap. So if they were going down anyway, where does that leave 69? Was he just young and mislead? All rappers denounce their position on the streets once they’re in front of a judge. At least they say that they’re lyrics are “for entertainment ” .. So 69s lyrics are for entertainment too.. No? Would you take 47 years for this? Peep the vid for more in depth

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