Uber has figured it out… again! Uber a has been a leading car service company for a while despite it’s history when it comes to it’s CEO scandals and regulatory issues it once had and etc. However, according to the WALL STREET JOURNAL Uber is setting themselves and their technologies to take their food delivery service to the skies! According to reports Uber is currently in search of an operations executive who will be able to make the drones functional by next year   and fully operational by 2021.

UBER EXPRESS is an internal name of the operation that fits under the Uber Eats prepared food delivery unit umbrella. The most important task of the executive placed in position will be to ensure and “enable safe, legal, efficient and scaleable flight operations among other tasks! 

An up hill battle?  Although the IPO (initial public offering) could be valued at $120billion, according to bankers, However, due to Ubers past scandals and lack of profits (believe it or not) that they will have to “sell” the idea to investors. Here’s the thing: Uber is also pitching Flying taxis, rental electric bicycle and scooters. Uber plans on launching the project in San Diego to test commercial drones and also in several U.S. cities according to reports as part of a federal program according to reports.

Uber even announced tractor trailer rentals just last week  The story gets more interesting than this. Hit the link to find out even more on how Uber plans to pull this super plan off!>> Wall street journal.com