Viacom sues Netflix for “POACHING”

According to reports from Variety. Viacom is suing streaming service monster company Netflix for POACHING their workers. Poaching is basically hiring people that other companies spend money on training. I.E. Viacom hires and trains an executive and then Netflix comes along and basically buys the person out to the point where the contracts that were set in place between a employee and employer become null and void causing a breach of contract. And Netflix has shown that they don’t care on several occasions according to reports.

Viacom sues Netflix for Poaching

This particular fiasco came into play when Momita SemGupta, who is now the Vice President for ┬áNetflix physical production content, was under contract until 2020 with Viacom overseeing the physical production for MTV, VH1, Spike and Comedy Central. Netflix came in and must have given SemGupta an offer that couldn’t be refused thus leading to her breaching ┬ácontract with Viacom and moving to Netflix. Here’s the thing, Netflix don’t give a S*&! lol. They have no intention on complying with the California law and the action isn’t limited to SemGupta either. More on the story: