Will Casanova 2x Tell?

Will rapper Casanova 2x co-operate with the FEDS after his current situation. For those who dont know, you can type in his name in the search engine on this site and look it up. BUT! According to reports, Casanova 2x’s has been tweeting out some weird or not so promising Tweets that show signs of POTENTIAL weakness when it comes to his situation.

Heres the thing: Street rules ( there are none) is not real. Casanova knows this and has done time before unlike 69 who had no idea of what jail was like before he went in. As it stands and the question of the day is: Will Casanova stand on his 2 or will he tell/co-operate”? Some will say it doesn’t matter in their everyday life but in all actuality, it just might, or we could at least hope so.

Casanovas decision making will be very important to everything “street” in a whole.. However, is there a wrong answer for him? #streets

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