YFN Lucci denied bond from his case

Innocent until proven guilty! Rapper, Rashaun “YFN Lucci” Bennett is currently in custody for a drive-by shooting that took place in Atlanta about a month ago. Unfortunately, these charges arent coming from a “hit” that was placed on a rival, the charges are coming from him allegedly being the getaway driver from the occurrence.

Unfortunately, a life was lost in the incident. YFN Lucci has turned himslef in to the authorities and is now currently in custody awaiting to get a bail after being denied bail at his first bail hearing. In this clip from In the News Daily displays actual footage of his court hearing, his Lawyer attempting to make an argument and the Judge looking like they’re going to nail him. Either way, the question is: What kind of money do you need to have to stop doing the ignorant stuff? Why would you be driving a getaway car and you’re a millionaire? Although, all of this is alleged, what if its not?

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